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Personal Information

Vyacheslav Moiseev, was born in 1965 in Russian Federation
1983 - 1989 Student of Medical Institute, faculty of therapy, Voronezh
1989 - 1992 Post-graduate Student, Department of Philosophy of Biology, Institute of Philosophy of RAS, Moscow
1992 - Defence of Ph. Doctoral Thesis "Non classical type of rationality in biological knowledge" (speciality "Philosophy of Science")
1992 - 1998 Student of Mathematical faculty, Voronezh University, Voronezh
1993 - 2000 Assistant of Chair of Philosophy, Voronezh Medical Institute, Voronezh
2000, December - Defence of Ph. Doc. Hab. Thesis "Logical and Philosophical Interpretation of foundations of Russian Philosophy of All-Unity" (speciality "History of Philosophy"), Russian State Human University, Moscow
October-November 2001 - Grant of Fund of Queen Jadviga of Jagellonnian University, Cracow, Poland
2000 - 2002 Senior Assistant and Senior Lecturer of Chair of Philosophy, Philosophical Faculty, Voronezh University, Voronezh (lecture courses "Philosophy and Methodology of Science", "Philosophy of Biology", "Mathematical Logic")
2003-2006 Chairman of Chair of Philosophy, Voronezh N.N.Burdenko State Medical Academy, Voronezh, Russia

2006 - present - Chief of Chair of Philosophy, Moscow State Medical Stomatological University

My books:

1. Logic of All-Unity. Moscow: Publ. House "Per Se", 2002. - 415 p. (publishing grant of Russian Fund of Human Researches N 01-03-16096).

2. Philosophy of Science. Voronezh: Publ. House "Central Black Earth Publ. House", 2006. 240 p.

3. Logic of Good. Moral logos of Vladimir Soloviov. Moscow: Publ. House "Editorial URSS", 2004. 400 p.

4. Philosophy of Biology and Medicine. Moscow: Publ. House "Printberry", 2007. 174 p.

5. Philosophy of Science. Philosophy of Biology and Medicine. Moscow: Publ. House "Geotar-Media", 2008. 560 p.

6. Philosophy of Transdisciplinarity (in cooperation with L.P.Kijashchenko). Moscow. IPRAS, 2009. 205 p.

7. Logic of the Open Synthesis. Vol.1. Structure. Nature. Soul. Books 1-2. St.Petersburg: Publ. House "Mir", 2010. (publishing grant of Russian Fund of Human Researches N 09-03-16031). (B.1 - 743 p., B.2 - 742 p.)

Region of Scientific Reseaches:
Nonclassical Rationality, Philosophical Logic, Rationality of Human and Biological Sciences, Russian Philosophy of All-Unity